stvdio lab

Stvdio Lab is a creative and dynamic space in the Philippines: a test kitchen and venue, an educative platform for collaborations with universities and institutions both local and abroad, and a research and development laboratory involved in studies of agriculture, local ingredients, culinary methods, and the like. As a cross point of cuisine and investigation, it is an extension of Gallery by Chele.

Each month beginning July, it will serve as the venue for R&D Dinners that feature a tasting menu of the recipes and ingredients that the team has discovered and will be investigating. Accommodating up to 12 customers in an intimate setting, it will be unique dining experience. Stvdio Lab may also be used for private events.

Stvdio Lab is also the venue for consultations on food and restaurant solutions in both the Philippine and international scene. It allows for F&B and culinary projects of other companies to conceptualize and develop products for their own restaurants and food-related ventures.